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Ritz-Craft Homes

Ritz-Craft Custom Homes is the largest family owned, off-site built modular home manufacturer in the United States.

Ritz-Craft Benefits


Consistent Quality

Through the years, we have refined a detailed building process. As a result, that process creates consistent superior quality.


Quality Control Inspections

A traveler document is produced for every home that Ritz-Craft builds. Every single function that is performed in the home is documented and signed off by the person executing the task, his or her supervisor and the quality control inspector.


Cost Savings

Building time is reduced by constructing the home and doing the site preparation at the same time. This reduction in time lowers your interest payments on a construction loan.

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Building custom, modular homes throughout the United States and into Canada since 1954.

Ritz-Craft has been a leader in System-Built Modular home building. The knowledge and experience gained from those years go into every Ritz-Craft home that we build. True System-Built Modular housing offers numerous advantages over conventional site-built construction methods:

Ritz-Craft has a dedicated service department that works with your builder and their staff to provide professional service.