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Commodore Homes

Commodore Homes has its roots from 1952. We continually strive to support our builders, retailers, homeowners, and future customers.

Commodore Homes longevity and success are based on a few simple beliefs:


    Consistent Quality

    Build a great home at a fair price, creating affordable quality for our homeowners.


    Great Relationships

    Work with the best builders and retailers, and help them be successful.


    Thorough Training

    Provide our employees with the best tools, training, and support for a satisfying career.

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    Great Builders and Retailers

    We believe we have the very best builders and retailers representing us. The two most important decisions for any new homeowner are finding a builder or retailer they trust, and building with a company that will perform. We work continuously to listen, educate, and support the retailers and builders that sell our homes.


    Commodore Homes has a very stable, experienced workforce, allowing us to build homes with reliable, consistent quality. Contrast that to many site-builders or other manufacturers who may have constant turnover, or may use poorly-trained labor.

    Commodore Homes of Indiana is noted for its wide range of premium-built homes. Every Commodore home is handcrafted to exacting standards by experienced carpenters, electricians and plumbers in a climate controlled environment with the latest home-building technology.

    While we have hundreds of proven designs, we specialize in custom plans. Talk to your local builder or retailer for more information. Our homes are confidently back